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Hello, my name is Steve Wonder , I work as a high school teacher in Minneapolis, I teach history in my class and consider myself to be lucky, because the job I’m working at the moment is the job I wanted when I was a child, another passion of mine was writing, I always thought that journalism was a very interesting profession too, but at last I decided to follow the job I wanted from my early childhood. Everyone knows that old habits die hard that is why I continue to write to this day, not in the old form of it of course, instead of that I have an internet blog and I’m trying to systematically write about something. The subject that I write about is music, music has been an inseparable part of my life, my father was a Blues Player , that’s why music became a significant factor in my life, I myself play on few of instruments like guitar or drums, but somehow I never thought about the career of a musician .

By combining favorite things in my life, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to write about music, about the music itself, the musicians , their lives and their goals, I’m not oriented to write only about one direction of music, everyone has their preferences, but in my opinion music is something universal and shouldn’t be judged by genres, that is something my father told me when I was a kid, as usually in teenage years we tend to find something different for ourselves, something that distinguishes you from others and we tend to take it to the extreme very often, I remember that I was a fan of blues and didn’t really liked to listen to other genres, you could easily tell why I was such a big fan of blues music, one day when my father took me with himself on the concert in which he was taking part, he sat me down by his side and told me that genres in music are very subjective, good music doesn’t fit inside the box, it is for everyone to listen and enjoy, he also told me that if I listen with all my heart, I will find something good in music that I didn’t like listening too. He was absolutely right, on that day I listened closely to every performer that was on the stage, would it been rock, jazz, soul or other style of music, I saw something beautiful in everyone of them, after that day I don’t distinguish myself as a listener of one or more genres, I consider myself more like a listener of good music.

My hobby consists of several parts, first is the usual thing, listening to a new musician, something every one of us does, we tend to broaden our range of knowledge in everything we are interested in, so that’s why it takes me to the other part of my hobby, I am interested in researching about the artists I like, I think that everyone has their unique way on how they handle their life and artists are not an exception, therefore I’m interested in discovering the way of one or another artist, get to know his history, where he started and where he is now.

The artist I’m writing an article today is Bera , a young Georgian singer who lately decided to continue his career here in America, and by the way is a very promising artist, I listened to his albums and got very interested and found out that he came from Georgia few years ago. Bera was born in Paris, France and that’s where he started his music career from, he was a teenager but already wanted to become a star, he had the talent and passion that is essential for a good artist. In the wake of his career in France, Bera decided to return to his home country Georgia and begin everything there, he then said in the interviews that he felt obliged to do something for his country that was in problematic state at that time, the problem was that Georgian music industry was on the verge of a big crisis and had a lack of activity towards the creating side. Bera was one of the few who decided to start a tour around the country to promote his and other artists music. The initiative had a huge effect on the Georgian community, Bera and his friends managed to attract significant amount of people to the industry, the new generation of Georgians got interested with the music that was made inside of their country, that was a push necessary to reanimate Georgian music scene, from that time situation drastically changed in Georgia regarding the quality of pop music made there and that is partly Beras contribution.